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NYIAX offers buyers discoverability of future premium inventory for impactful media planning and purchasing.

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Contract management

NYIAX consolidates the negotiation, purchasing, management, and reconciliation of advertising contracts into a streamlined workflow that reduces manual processes and discrepancies.

Our media planning and management tools allow buyers to send private order requests to specific publishers or post public requests to the entire marketplace for expanded discovery. Media buyers can easily create bid strategies for their most desired inventory and facilitate approval between agencies and their clients.

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Transparent marketplace

The NYIAX Transparent Futures Marketplace provides media buyers with access to the highest quality future inventory, and the tools to negotiate, secure, and manage their ad campaigns with clarity and confidence. It’s the only true, two-party exchange where both the buyer and the seller are known to each other, ensuring honest and transparent price discovery and negotiation of terms.

NYIAX’s standardized taxonomy – leveraging the power of the Nasdaq Financial Matching Engine – automates media buyer discovery of new, premium sources of inventory that meet their campaign goals.

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